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green materials

With the gradually promotion of green new energy technologies and materials, the further demand of new energy materials such as lithium battery 

already can’t be underestimated. But due to the high technical content, over the years, domestic company mostly adopt the foreign technology, 

lithium battery diaphragm also failed to achieve the real localization。

Javachem successfully developed high performance pore forming new material for PP lithium battery diaphragm, which break through the foreign 

technical barriers and the situation that core raw material was monopolized by a few countries such as American and Japan。

PP battery diaphragm new material developed by Javachem solved the biggest current technical problem of domestic diaphragm industry: low qualified 

rate of diaphragm, bad consistency and unable to mass production of high quality diaphragm. We believe it will play an important role in promoting 

China’s lithium battery diaphragm industry and enhancing existing qualification rate of polypropylene microporous membranes.

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